Andy Scott. Glasgow Studio

Sculpture by Andy Scott

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Principally producing sculpture in steel and bronze to commission, Andy Scott’s first major work was the, now iconic, Heavy Horse, unveiled in 1997, which stands beside the M8 on the way into Glasgow. With about 50 sculptures in the UK he also has a significant number of works in Australia and several on the European mainland.

Toiling away, working with steel, this is heavy, physical work. Cutting, bending and welding the material evokes memories of the noise and distinctive hot smell of shipyard skills which have left The Clyde – the noise of the arc welder, the air loaded with that special kind of electric aroma, and clanking of metal on metal. This is a pleasant atmosphere, a place of creativity.

These panoramas were taken while Andy is working on a new sculpture, soon to be unveiled in Castlebank Street, Meadowbank Quay, to mark the regeneration of the Glasgow Harbour development.

See also Arria which stands on the outskirts of Cumbernauld.