Arria – Sculpture by Andy Scott

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Arria, a sculpture by Andy Scott, stands on the outskirts of Cumbernauld, overlooking the busy A80 and positioned to be visible to the passing traffic.
Commissioned by the Campsies Centre Cumbernauld Ltd (CCCL), a company established by North Lanarkshire Council to help redevelopment, it is intended become a symbol for the town and change its perception.
A new poem by Jim Carruth, “Watershed”, is inscribed around the base, encouraging visitors to walk around the sculpture.

WATERSHED (Comar nan Allt)
by Jim Carruth

The first sounds spoken

from the spring’s core

are of a new beginning

of people and place

a poetry that bubbles

and gargles to the surface

to leave this watershed

flow east and west

in a rush of words

that tumble and fall

to join the conversations

of two great rivers

a voice calling out

I belong I belong

adding to the language

of sea and ocean.