Clock, Pollokshaws Burgh Hall

Pollokshaws Burgh Hall TowerBell, Pollokshaws Burgh HallClock, Pollokshaws Burgh Hall

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This restored, ‘A’ listed building was gifted to the Burgh by Sir John Stirling Maxwell in 1898, and exists in its present condition solely due to the efforts of local people. The Pollokshaws Burgh Hall Trust has been established to ensure the future of the building.

The tower has a clock face on each of its four sides, the clock mechanism having been modernised and now fully functional. In these panoramas the mechanical system by which the clock hands are moved and the bell struck is clearly illustrated, electric motors replacing the original parts. The bell is reached by a further precipitous climb up a wooden ladder, really only for those with enough nerve to complete that task.

The Maxwell family had been established in this area since Sir John Maxwell settled here in the mid 1200s, and have left a significant and continuing heritage in many parts the city of Glasgow.