RAF Wigtown Battle HQ


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World War 2 RAF airfields were defended against invasion from enemy troops, most likely paratroopers, by a network of anti aircraft guns, pillboxes, trenches, and barbed wire.

The Battle HQ was intended to be the position from which the immediate defence of the airfield could be coordinated, directing counter fire and organising troops. It was not intended to be a firing position itself, and consisted of number of underground rooms – runners and messengers room, PBX room, office, observation room, and toilet. Only the top section of the observation room was above ground, it had a narrow slit running right round the circumference, about 1 foot above ground level, providing a 360 degree view.

This battle HQ, now about 70 years old, sits on a small hill overlooking RAF Wigtown in Dumfries and Galloway, right beside farm buildings. The airfield is visible beyond the row of trees which line the road, the control tower just to the right of the trees, beside the hanger-type building which replaced an original hanger.

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