St Peter's Seminary, Cardross, Scotland.
Saint Peter's Seminary, Cardross, a stunning architectural example of brutal 1960s modernism, is one of four buildings in Britain listed in The World Monuments Fund's '100 Most Endangered Sites' for 2008.

Completed in 1966, it was a space where trainee priests could live and study. It closed in 1980.

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St Peters Seminary in Cardross, also known as Cardross College, is considered one of the most important modernist buildings in Scotland. Constructed as a replacement for a burned down seminary in Glasgow, it was commissioned by the Archbishop of Glasgow in 1958, and was designed and built by architects Gillespie, Kidd & Coia.

Building started in 1961, however, even before it had been consecrated in 1966, its function was already out of date, The Second Vatican Council (1965) of the Roman Catholic Church having decreed that priests should be schooled in the community and not in isolated seminaries. The Seminary did function for about 14 years before closing in 1980, since when it has been more or less abandonned.

Living here as a trainee priest must have been intense. The building has on the ground floor a fullsized, substantial, chapel, above which, on the first and second floor, is the accomodation. The sounds of ceremonies making use of the processional ramp must have travelled upwards through the ceiling.

Despite being ‘A’ listed as an outstanding building of national importance, St Peter’s has been allowed to decay over the past years, the natural vegetation of the surrounding area beginning to encroach, and any perishable internal componants now utterly un-recoverable. Only the cast concrete slabs of its apparently solid structure seem to be safe (or not). The place is scarey, it's as though an eccentric concrete construction of the sixties got up and retired to the countryside, now waiting out a pointless existance. It was listed in the 2008 World Monuments Watch List of 100 Most Endangered Sites.